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What Is The Main Difference Between A Descriptive And A Narrative Essay

You would come across different styles of writing when you start learning about essays and attempt them on your own. Different styles of writing include different specifications for the writer. Even though the major format for all essays stays, the same but you will find a significant variation in the purpose, style, approach, and tone of the writing. If you were looking to find differences between narration and description then you would find this article helpful in this regard.

The differences worth mentioning

To make you understand the differences better, here is a division of the major differences worth noticing between both types.

Definition of a narrative writing

A narrative paper is where you use the first person, “I, my, mine” to narrate a personal experience or an imagination to your readers. This is more like storytelling and you have to involve your readers through narration.

Definition of a descriptive writing

A descriptive paper as the same suggests only describes an event, place, physical location, person, or an idea. It gives the how, when, where and why of the topic using the five basic senses of the writer. It may or may not use first person depending upon the style of the writing.

The plot in both writings

A narrative paper must follow a plot because the writer is the storyteller and must take the readers along with the story he is telling. A descriptive paper only describes a certain subject and does not have any plot.

The difference in approach and tone

The approach and tone vary because in descriptive you ought to use the five basic senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound to paint a vivid and a three dimensional image in your reader’s mind.

The order of events

When you are describing an object, place or a person you do not have to follow any specific order. You only have to make sure you give a right and detailed explanation of all the features. However, narration requires you to have a logical order in the events and you should follow a chronological order in your paper.

Use of words and verbs

A descriptive paper uses strong adjectives and nouns to describe the quality and type of the object or place being discussed. However, in narration you need to use strong verbs to describe your situation and continue the story around you.