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Synthesis Paper- Little Bee

Presence of oil in a country has more harm to the citizens than what is always anticipated to be. In Nigeria, there is a battle over oil, and several damages are followed as a result of oil companies in the country. This is also experienced with the other mineral resource such as gold, iron, silver, coal, water, gas, diamond among other natural resources. This has brought to devastation of the country and the wealth of the others. Natural resources have proven to be both a source of prosperity and affluence, as well as a cause of strife. The battle over oil in Nigeria continues to create conflict and devastation to unknowing civilians. Little Bee by Chris Cleave provides readers with a personal story, which describes in detail, a young girl’s journey as she flees the homeland she lives in to get away from men that are hired by oil companies to execute all people in their village.

Civilians who live in Nigeria are put at risk in a variety of ways. Pollution from the oil makes it difficult to fish or farm, taking away the means to live. The oil also creates an inability to locate clean drinking water, leading to dehydration, illness, and even death. Innocent people are being killed for trying to stand up and protect the human rights of those living in Nigeria while some are losing their lives trying to extract oil. In today’s profit driven society, the targets of such devastation are at random depending on which country has the desired resource for extraction, in this case the oil located in Nigeria and the devastation that follows for the local communities.

Oil companies are known to fuel violence is such countries like on the Niger Delta, which is the region where the Little Bee flees in the Novel. This has brought about things such as refugees which is a disaster to the citizens of the country. Due to the war that is fueled by the presence of oil in the country, many people will try to seek refuge in the other countries to seek for peace. This is also seen in the book when the characters flee to other countries to seek for a peaceful place that has no war which is opposed to their motherland Nigeria, which is a war tone country that is mainly fueled by the presence of oil, of which many thought of it as a source of prosperity for the nation.

People are always detained with no proper reason and are exposed to harsh conditions that might affect their health. In this sense, people are detained and criminalized in the prisons, and there is no any kind of humanity subjected to them. They are exposed to distressing conditions that are unfavorable. In the book, the oil companies are seen hiring men to go around the villages and execute innocent people. In the village, many people are killed, and others subjected to harsh conditions. All these is propagated by the presence of oil companies in the country. This situation leads to evacuation of many people to other countries to seek refuge. In the story, a young girl vacates her village to seek refuge in the other country mainly because of the war in her country that is bought forward by the oil companies in her country.

In the novel, the Little Bee tells of the things that are encountered by “the girls back home.” She tells of how people back in their country are suffering due to the presence of oil. At first, when oil was discovered, people thought of it as something that would improve their living conditions. This did not happen as they thought of life because even more complicated. Some of the people’s cultural activities were interfered with, such as fishing and farming. People’s lands were taken, and some were left homeless. This is some of the experiences that most people undergo in those countries that have oil.

Health conditions of the people are always put at risk. This is mainly because of lack of clean water. Environmental pollution is always experienced in these countries. People of Nigeria experience problems as they tried to search for clean water since all the available water is polluted by the oil. This results in dehydration of the people, some falling ill and even resulting in death. In Nigeria, those who try to protest against the harsh conditions that people are exposed to are always executed and killed in a broad light and there is no one to protect them.