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This is the worst and the most devastating genocide that has been experienced in history. Up to today, Holocaust which is also known as “Shoah” is spelt with a capital “H”. It is not referred to an article “a” but using article “The”. This is to show how bad the genocide was. It happened during the period between 1933 up to 1945. By the time it came to the end, around six million innocent Jews had been killed. These killings were at the time of the Nazi regime under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. Innocent Jews who proclaimed their faith in God were exterminated. This period was during the Second World War, and some people believe that the killings were a plan to distract people from the Eastern Europe who were in conquest with the government of Germany. Besides the Jewish believers, the other groups that were termed as the undesirables were also killed. These included political prisoners, homosexuals, Russian prisoners, gypsies and the other criminals. The executions were not biased and they killed all Jews be it children, women, the elderly and the sick. Some men and hardy women were spared and used as slaves during the time of the war. They would get killed once they seemed weak enough to be productive. Some of the companies that used the slaves are still there today and some have changed names while others have retained the names they used back then.

The Stages of The Genocide

The genocide was well planned and took place in stages. It began with excluding Jews from any civil society. In 1933, concentrated camps specifically for the Jews were created. Later in 1939 when the war began, ghettos were established. By this time, Germany was getting strong and in 1941 they took over the Eastern Europe. A paramilitary group was assigned the work of killing the two million Jews in the newly acquired region. They were killed in mass shootings. In 1942, victims would be transported in trains for long journeys. This was a test to check their strength on their way to extermination camps. Survivors of the journey were killed in gas chambers and these murders continued till May 1945 when World War Two came to an end. By this time, six million Jews had been killed.

Nature of the Killings

Except for the people that were killed during the mass shootings, all the other people were killed in an inhumane way. When making executions, it is recommended that you make it faster and painless. This was not the case in this genocide. The Jews were not hanged nor given a faster death, instead were killed like annoying insects. The Nazi government used gas chambers to kill as it was the easiest way to kill that large number of people.