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Gay Adoption

Any couple wishing to have children faces many challenges along the way, especially if having a child naturally is not an option.  As the amount of same-sex couples who are publicly gay grows so does the topic of gay adoption.  These couples face more and different obstacles than an average heterosexual couple following the same route to parenthood.  Some people wonder if children being raised by two parents of the same sex would be more likely to also be interested in members of the same sex.

Most gay adoptions are done when one partner adopts a child and completes all the paperwork themselves.  Then once that adoption is complete the other partner applies to be a second parent and they are then legally as responsible for that child as the original adopting parent.  About half of the United States approves this form of parenting which allows the child to belong to both partners in the relationship.  Many gay couples may find that their state does not participate in gay adoption and they will need to research local attorneys who specialize in LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) issues.  This can be done through internet searching or by word of mouth.  Some couples may find it necessary to adopt children from another country to have more success. Studies which seek to find the answer about effects of same sex parents on children are almost always skewed in favor of the researcher’s thesis.  This type of research is very hard to remain neutral with, as are most studies involving children.  There are too many variables and when the numbers are studied closely there is virtually no difference between the children of gay or straight couples.  Some children will be teased regardless of their parent’s genders and some kids will sail through life regardless if they have two mommies or a mommy and a daddy.  In today’s world there are so many types of families that no one can be chosen as better as or worse than another.

Expanding any family comes with its ups and downs but these are magnified in the case of same sex couples who want to both be the child’s parents.  There are many legal issues to face and many more social stigmas attached to the topic as a whole but with research, work and dedication these couples can have as normal life as anyone else.