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20 great narrative argument essay topics

Here is a brief summary of a narrative essay

  • Tell it from one point of view only and not others.
  • Make a point and offer some support for it.
  • Put precise details into the paper.
  • Use good verbs and modifiers.
  • Tell a story using sequencing and conflict.
  • Use dialogue if you think you need to.

So what is it going to be about? It needs to overlook the purpose of the author and the POV that they express through the article itself. Once the topic has been chosen, these things should be kept in mind at all times.

Involve the readers in the story that you are attempting to tell. It is better when you can tell about an incident that happened than to try and recreate that in your words. Try and generalize the story in a way that the essay can support. This is the best way to talk about personal experience and it will allow what you are saying to take on a whole new meaning for the people you are talking to.

  • They are written in the first person but you can also use the third person if you choose to do that.
  • They rely on some concrete and sensory details in order to convey the point that they are making. They need to create a good impression in the mind of the reader. This information should be used in another page as well.
  • These stories should have a plot and a setting, some characters, always a climax, and a clear and easy to understand ending as well. Remember all of this.

Below are 20 potential topics:

  1. A bad dream you once had
  2. A vacation spot
  3. A favorite hide out
  4. A time you were scared
  5. A time you were happy
  6. A frightful experience
  7. A car accident
  8. Your first day at school
  9. Your first day at work
  10. Your last day at school
  11. Your last day at work
  12. Your first break up
  13. Your first love
  14. Your first heart ache
  15. Being with your pet
  16. Hanging out with your friends
  17. A time you were embarrassed
  18. A time you learned a hard life lesson
  19. When you went on vacation
  20. When you moved to a new city