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Suggestions on how to come up with good argument essay topics for college students

Coming up with the topic of an essay often proves to be the most time consuming and difficult part of essay writing. There is an abundance of hot topics to choose from, but that abundance is the very factor that confuses the human mind. You can come up with a good argument essay topic if you keep a few things in mind and look around yourself with eyes that actually see.

First things first: Make a list of all the debates that interest you personally. This will effectively narrow the field for topic selection. Think about the issues that bug you, arguments that get a rise out of you, and things you find yourself wondering about. These are the areas you should ideally pick the topic of your argument essay.

Pop-trap: Do not fall into the temptation of writing about something that seems to be popular but has no intellectual or emotional value for you. Do not go for highbrow topics that give the impression of high intellectuality. Your intellect will show either way in your essay.

Newspapers and magazines: Newspapers and magazines will give you a list of currently valid and relevant topics. You might want to look for something that relates to your area of interest. If you have found no area of interest (unlikely!), you can skim through the pages to see if something intrigues you enough to take a position on it.

Your surroundings: That old woman who lives with her six cats may prompt you to wonder about the life of retired people. The grocer who lost his arm in Iraq may force you to think about the implications of war. If you look around yourself and think, you will find many topics bursting to be written about.

Do not be afraid: Do not hesitate if you have a position on a topic that you deem unpopular. What you feel needs to be expressed. Repeatedly, students give up on topic ideas that challenge the status quo in some way. Do not let that happen to you. You have every right to hold your position if you feel strongly about it. Just be sure to support your argument with evidence instead of emotional ranting.

The Web: If all else fails, you can always search for good topic ideas on the Internet. You will find articles and lists of topics for argument essays that you can read for inspiration. You can also ask a professional homework helper for help with your topic selection and essay writing.