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How to Come up with Promising Essay Topics for College Students

One of the most common student’s nightmares is to stare at a blank page for hours trying to figure out what to write an essay about. There is a good reason why many students consider choosing a promising essay topic as the hardest part of any writing assignment. Put it this way: you cannot write a great paper on a flat idea no matter how good your writing style is. A good topic attracts your readers, make your piece of writing outstanding, and you can count on a high grade.

You can use the following tips and tricks to select the right topic and develop a paper that you will be proud of.

  1. Consider the topics you are interested in:
  2. This simple rule seems obvious, but many students are afraid to pick topics that are interesting for them. They think that their instructors will not approve these topics or they are not sure about their opinions. Either way, when you write on a topic that you do not care about, it shows, and your instructor will not be impressed.

  3. Think about expanding a lecture or reading material:
  4. You can find lots of interesting aspects of the subject to study deeply. Lecturers often mention directions for further research during classes. So, study your notes carefully, and you may be surprised how many ideas for essay topics are there. It often works out if you examine counterarguments for a concept that you have studied at class. You just have to make a comprehensive literature review and choose good examples and points to support your thesis statement.

  5. Watch the news or read a newspaper:
  6. An easy way to go is to choose something topical. It is better to select a subject that you can analyze from multiple sides. Your essay will be interesting if you write it on a controversial topic that somehow corresponds to the course content, so your supervisor might use it into future lectures.

  7. Consult your supervisor:
  8. The greatest resource that you can rely on is your supervisor. He or she can help you clarify your topic as well as suggest sample topics you can write your essay on. Besides, do not hesitate to ask what resources you can use and what common mistakes you should avoid.

  9. Develop your idea before you start writing:
  10. You can come up with a perfect topic, but if you cannot prepare a good outline to cover the topic within your paper, it is better to revise the topic and choose another one. Make sure that you can put together different pieces of information that lead to a strong conclusion.