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Fresh ideas for argumentative essay topics

When you are writing an argumentative essay, you might consider the following topics:

  • Physician assisted suicide
  • Adoption by gay couples
  • The harms of technology on children
  • The growth of play-dates for children
  • The harm of not playing outside for children
  • What makes a good or bad parent

No matter your topic, it is important that you remember to use the research libraries are your disposal, as well as international organizations, research institutes, and any associations or institutions you can find.

Making your argument in the argumentative paper is something that many students struggle with. It is not enough for you to check out ten books, skim over them, write down a few notes, combine the information in your words, and presto. Now you need to assemble evidence from all of your sources, and weave together your facts in such a way that they form an argument which answers your original research question. There is no right or wrong argument in your argumentative paper, but there are better and worse arguments. Make yours one of the better ones by presenting powerful evidence based on trustworthy sources. Make yours one of the better ones by logically presenting your evidence and researching a focused and clear conclusion that gives an answer to the question that you posed at the beginning of your paper.

In addition to this, remember that good arguments will always consider the counterclaims. Good arguments will explain what counter arguments have been put forward against your point. The paper should respond to these claims and consider what weaknesses lay in the counterclaims or what evidence is presented against them.

When writing an argumentative paper, you need to write well. This means that you present your argument as well as your corresponding evidence in a clear and logical way. It is also beneficial to present it in a creative way. An interesting argument will be one that is cloaked in prose impenetrable to anyone. Sources should be adequately cited within your endnotes, or footnotes, or in-text notes as per the citation style required of you. Your writing style needs to be serious and formal. You should include graphs, tables, or illustrations to support the thesis.

You will surely learn to develop techniques, rules, and writing styles that fit your research best. You will find ways to make your arguments and to present the results of your research well. But above all, make sure you adhere to the aforementioned tips and guidelines. Hopefully you will even learn something along the way.