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Creating A 4-Paragraph College Essay About A Favorite Super Hero

Students attempt various types of assignments during their academic career. Each assignment is different from others depending upon the instructions and specifications. Different teachers and institutes have different instructions for writing and formatting each assignment. You have to make sure you listen to these instructions carefully and note them so that you can follow them when writing your paper.

College essay

The term usually refers to the essay you write for your admission in your desired college or university. You are given a prompt or question that you have to address in order to win over your audience. When writing such papers, you have to keep the competition in mind and create an effective paper that can help you make a good impression on the admission officers. The name however, can be used for any such assignment that you attempt in your college

The structure of your paper and the number of paragraphs

The standard structure of this assignment is as follows and it will always stay the same. Each paper will have three major sections but the number of paragraphs in the body section can vary. If you are to write a four-paragraph paper, you will have two body paragraphs while a five-paragraph paper has three body paragraphs

  1. 1. The introduction-one paragraph
  2. 2. The body- two paragraphs
  3. 3. The conclusion- one paragraph

The number of body paragraphs varies with the number of major arguments in your assignment. If you have two major arguments than you will have two body paragraphs one representing each major argument in your paper.

A favorite super hero

The concept of super heroes exists in comic, cartoon series, movies, dramas, and fiction. These heroes usually contribute to the betterment of the society and help people through their super natural powers. You can think of your favorite super hero and discuss him or her in your paper. It could be anyone that you like the most and want to write about in your paper. You can tell the audience about the background and history of this hero and show them why he is your favorite. You can use different reasons and examples to show why this character is amazing and worth discussing

When you write your paper, you should keep in mind that even if the character is famous, the audience might not know about him. Try giving necessary information to your readers about the character