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3 brilliant suggestions on how to compose an essay

When you are in school you will be tasked with writing many essays. You will have to learn different styles and different formatting requirements. But no matter what type of essay you are writing for which type of course there are still some brilliant suggestions you can follow on how to compose an essay:

  1. No matter what type of essay you are writing it is imperative that you find a topic you love. Seriously. If you pick just anything you are hurting yourself. Once you reach college gone will be the days where you have to write a mundane paper on the Opium trade in China. You can select the topic you want to cover. You have the ultimate freedom to pick a topic that you are actually interested in and learn more about it. That is one of the best parts about writing an essay. If you are passionate about the topic it will show. Your love of the manner in which neural pathways can be re-grown thanks to new scientific discoveries about neuro-plasticitiy will come off in the paper you write for your next course. The best part too is that you will love working with the topic and therefore you will put forth more effort and care more about the research you conduct compared to a topic you don’t care about.
  2. On that note you should always conduct proper research. One of the keys to composing a great essay is being able to conduct proper and thorough research. By now you should know that the internet is a vast resource at your disposal but you are responsible as the researcher for finding information and sources that are highly reputable. You should always use you library and your school databases. What many students fail to realize is how great a resource their school databases are. They do not realize until they leave school how much they were getting for free through memberships their school had with the biggest academic databases. So make sure you do good research. No matter your topic or your paper avoid using a Wikipedia search when you have EBSCO host databases at your disposal. Avoid referencing a “.com” website that is unverified when you have educational websites available for free with the same information from a reputable source in the field.
  3. Take time to edit. No matter when you are writing you should take time to edit properly. Never skip this step.