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What are the good topics for a definition essay?

The definition of a definition essay is pretty easy. It's where you define something. Now if what you're defining is something physical such as an object then it can be relatively easy to write your essay. But if the thing you are defining is not physical, for instance if it is an emotion such as love, then you will be making a subjective definition and this can be hard to do.

As with all types of essays you need to take the basic steps. These include choosing the right topic, researching the subject well, using an outline and writing effectively. When it comes to a definition essay there are three fundamental steps.

  • You must clearly explain the word or words you are going to define.
  • Your definition must be given in simple and easy to understand language.
  • By using examples or stories or facts you will better define the word or words.

It goes without saying that you must have an abundantly clear understanding of what you are defining. There is no way you can write an effective definition essay if the word or words you are defining are not absolutely clear in your own mind.

A good way to tackle a definition essay is to start with a simple and short definition and then expand that definition as the essay develops. Start small and build from there. Here are some good topics for a definition essay.

  1. Kindness is a wonderful attribute.
  2. Having a sense of humour makes you a much more rounded person.
  3. An optimist is someone you want on your team.
  4. It's always good to be ambitious.
  5. There is no I in team.

As you can see from the above topics, you will need to express an opinion as to what these various things mean. Giving a definition of kindness or optimism or being a team player requires lots of examples or anecdotes to make your point. Even if you think everybody understands the definition of what you are talking about, do not hesitate to assume they know nothing and provide loads of clear examples to illustrate your definition.

There are different ways to approach writing a definition essay. You can adopt the analysis approach, the structure or the function approach. Find the approach which best suits your way of defining the topic.