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How To Write A Good Argumentative Essay On Birth Control

Thanks to the advent of Internet; kids have easy access to porn videos. This is something they could hardly achieve in the days of VCR or the newly arrived CD. Also, compulsory sex education in high school has made kids rise up to the thought. While this is a progressive step, it has also helped raise cases of teen pregnancy and unwanted pregnancy.

Frank adverts

The adverts have become frank and you can easily come across ads that show popular birth control pills in circulation. There are other preventive methods as well; injections to condoms and other means.

The gracious advantage

The great facet of birth control measures is that couples can easily plan when to have a child. With birth control means, they can freely indulge in sexual acts without any fear of conceiving. Still, lines are drawn between those who feel it is an advantage and those who think it as a curse. Thus, it offers a great platform for argumentative essay.

The pros and cons

While penning an argumentative essay on birth control, you should mention both the pros and cons. With due research, you will come across a handful of both. This is what makes it such an elegant topic for argumentative essay.

The advantages

You can mention the above advantage. You can also suggest the fact that these means allow for sex without any mental burden. You can also suggest the fact that it is resonant prevention against future abortion. They surely provide a huge psychological boost. They are quite effective as well and easy to use.

The disadvantages

The major disadvantage is the side effect that it may have, if it is in pill form. Also, it is against the laws of Nature and thus is normally abhorred by puritans. Also, there have been cases of women getting pregnant despite taking safety measures. It does not come with a guarantee.

Essay your opinion

Having mentioned the pros and cons in your essay, you should express your own opinion along with the opinions of some of the majors in this field. You should then carve through to a successful conclusion, where you emphatically assert your point of view.

A major point

You should also use the platform of the essay to negotiate a rather vital point – How to curb cases of teen pregnancy and how to spread the awareness. The debate about birth control can go on and on but that should not deter protective means.