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Efficient Academic Strategies For All Students: Informative Essay Writing Ideas

Informative essays educate readers about any specific topic. They're also known as research papers—and also represent yet another bane to students who have trouble learning the 'right' way to complete a good informative essay.

The information essay or research paper is very common in academic settings, since they help students fulfill the following functions:

  1. To define a topic or term.
  2. To compare and contrast a topic.
  3. To analyze information associated with a topic.
  4. To provide a 'how to' analysis of a topic.

Essentially, the information essay is supposed to help students convey information to readers in a way that will help them learn about their selected topic. Informative essays are often constructed in several ways to fulfill this purpose. But, it doesn't stop there.

There are two distinct ways that an informative essay can be written:

The Argumentative Essay Or Research Paper

Argumentative research papers generally consist of an introduction (the thesis statement), the body and the conclusion. The main point of an argumentative essay is arguing the thesis statement, otherwise persuading the reader to learn more about the writer's stance to form their own opinion regarding it.

The writer's stance is often heavily supported by primary and secondary sources that are cited throughout the essay.

The Analytical Essay Or Research Paper

Analytical research papers generally start with a neutral research question. The main point of the paper is to thoroughly explore and analyze the topic question and express their evaluation of the topic in the body of the essay.

Analytical essays don't argue for or against a particular idea or topic. Instead, they provide another interpretation of a topic supported by primary and secondary sources. The interpretation should ultimately present another perspective for readers to contemplate as they read the work.

Strategies for Informative Essays ~ Ideas For Informative Essays

The various strategies used to approach informative essay writing lend themselves to the creation of different informative essays. Not only that, practically any topic can be made to fit the structure of various informative essays. The following ideas represent topics that students may find interesting to use as a topic for an informative essay.

Sexual Education: Do abstinence programs work?

Air Travel: Who is responsible for airplane accidents? Are families of victims entitled to compensation of any kind?

Terrorism: Has the U.S. actually spread terrorism rather than stop it? Can the U.S. prevent the problems from getting worse? Why and how?

Drinking: Should the legal drinking age lower to 18?

Sexual Assault: Sexual assault incidences on college campuses: has awareness or frequency of such incidents increased?

Domestic/International Labor: Is it unethical to outsource labor to overseas factories where workers are paid cheap wages for extensive work?