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How to write a 6 paragraph essay: several helpful tricks

Before you start writing your essay you should have a good understanding of what’s expected in a 6 paragraph essay. Your teacher may be expecting certain things out of each paragraph.

The first helpful trick is knowing how to set up your essay

For example, the 6 paragraph persuasive essay is set up the following way:

Paragraph 1: The introduction, thesis statement and 3 reasons that support your thesis

Paragraph 2: The first reason

Paragraph 3: The second reason

Paragraph 4: The third reason

Paragraph 5: Your counter-argument

Paragraph 6: The conclusion

The second helpful trick is keeping yourself on schedule

Plan how much time you think it will take you to write your essay and how much time there is left until the deadline. Always leave time for a good editing and proofreading after you write and before you hand it in. Now that you know this, use a calendar and block out the time periods where you will do your writing. Stick to your schedule.

Staying on schedule gives you the option of seeking help if necessary. You have more time to figure out difficult parts of the research or writing. If you discover you really need help then seek it as soon as possible. Your teacher may be one possible source of assistance or you could check out one of the online essay writing sites.

The third helpful trick is editing and proofreading

Believe it or not, many potentially great essays fall by the wayside simply because the student failed to get a good editing and proofreading job done. So much is wasted because of that. Even when you have followed all the guidelines and done everything you can do to have the best research and the most effective thesis statement and all of that stuff, if you fail to edit and proofread no one will want to read your essay.

Teachers that have to stumble over spelling mistakes or push past grammar errors aren’t going to be very impressed with your essay overall. You can do some preliminary editing and proofreading yourself but the best idea is to get someone else to go over it for you after you have cleaned up as many mistakes as you could find.

It’s well known that writers usually don’t see their own errors. Did you know that even the best writers always hire out the proofreading and editing to the experts?