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How To Create A Good Topic For College Persuasive Essay

Most students get persuasive and argumentative essays confused, when they are given either as an assignment. There is a slight difference between the two that can affect how your essay turns out. An argumentative essay uses evidence and hard facts on a subject and gives them both sides of the argument and let then decide which side they are on. A persuasive essay is an essay that argues on two points of view of a subject and you have to convince the reader that one side it better than the other.

Creating a good topic for a persuasive essay can be difficult but there are some things that you can do to help you. First think of a topic that you are really passionate about, are their two sides to that topic and can you convince your reader that your point of view is better. You could also pick a topic that is in the news right now, where there are two points of views to look at, this is current and you could tell the reader stuff they don’t know about the subject. The key to picking a topic is to make sure you know a little about the subject because it you know at least a little bit, your research will be easier and you will be able to write a better essay.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should we support the Local Food movement? Buying and eating food locally grown.
  • Are magazines marketed for young adults and teenagers unethical and sending the wrong message to today’s youth?
  • Is online education better or worst than classroom learning?
  • Should all textbooks be replaced with digital copies?
  • Should students use more caution on social media sites?
  • Has feminism put less value on being a mother?
  • Should churches pay taxes?
  • Patients with chronic mental illness, should we move them to halfway houses for further treatment rather then have them suffer in a hospital?
  • Confidential information being leaked to the media, is this an invasion of privacy or security issue? Or you could talk about the leaks of confidential information about the government and pick it is right or wrong?
  • Giving a minor a tattoo with parental or legal guardian consent, are kids really mature enough to make this decision or are the parent or guardian acting irresponsibly? Or should there be a legal age besides eighteen to get a tattoo as a minor?