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How To Organize An Outline For An Essay About Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a major figure in South African and world history. After being kept in prison for decades, he was finally released and became the first black president of South Africa. His leadership, his goals for pursuing peace and his ability to draw the nation together have made him into a modern hero for many of the world. With such an illustrious life and impressive accomplishments, Nelson Mandela is a common topic for college and high schools essays. To get a headstart on this writing assignment, students should begin with making an outline.

Why Use an Outline?

Some students like to just start writing their assignment and hope for the best. This is a terrible strategy because an outline is a key way to ensure that the student's thoughts, evidence and arguments are clearly ordered. Many of the best writers in the world use outlines because it is a useful, integral way to write concisely and clearly. To ensure that the student gets the best grade, they need to spend some time outlining their thoughts.

Consider the Topic

There are hundreds of different topics that could be written about Nelson Mandela. From his life to specific political policies, students have many thesis statement options available to them. Before the student can adequately begin outlining, they need to consider the exact topic that they want to choose. If they are doing a basic biography, the outline will most likely start with Mandela's birth and track his progression and accomplishments until death. Likewise, a paper about his political success may just narrate his accomplishments from right before the beginning of his political career until the end.

Create an Introduction and Conclusion First

By building an introduction and a conclusion, students can gain a clear idea about where their paper is starting and where it will actually end up. Within the introduction, the student should use a thesis statement. This will generally take up one or two sentences, and it will cover the entire topic of the essay. In the conclusion, the student will have to restate the same thesis statement and sum up their argument.

Build Topic Sentences

In the ensuing body paragraphs, the student should create topic sentences. These are basically a more limited version of the thesis statement and work to build the argument in a logical manner. Beneath each topic sentence in the outline, the student should include two or three points from their research to back up their argument. Once the topic sentences and evidence have been filled out, the student is ready to begin their essay about Nelson Mandela.