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Advice On How To Create A Good Linking Sentence In An Essay

After you have thought and gathered all data on what you want to craft, the next thing is how to connect the distinct ideas in order to come up with a lucid flow of ideas. This is the common feature of great writers. Do you also want to become outstanding through appropriate use of linking sentences? Here is a helpful advice for you.

Use the right number of links

Each paragraph usually contains a different idea. Therefore, in order to create a smooth course of content, you need to connect it with the one before. This should however appear in the body of the essay since it entails the second paragraph to the fourth or fifth. Be certain to employ appropriate linking phrases such as “as stated above”, “additionally” and “secondly”

Research on the topic

In order to come up with the best work, you need first to apprehend what you are going to talk about. It is only after this that you will be aware of how to connect between the ideas at hand to create a smooth flow. To accomplish this, it recommended that one should find pertinent textbooks, journals and magazines and note down the information.

Introduce an alternative viewpoint

In some cases, you will need to include more than one argument or illustration. Cohere to words such as however, alternatively, on the contrary, on the other hand and in contrast among others. Each of these can either appear at the start of every sentence or can alternatively be incorporated in the sentence. After crafting, each should be proceeded by a comma.

Employ questions as links

As writer, you will have to show what you have figured out regarding the given topic. You can pose appropriate questions to create a connection between different paragraphs or sentences. This can save you from low quality work and will also depict how well you comprehend the topic.

Use of repetition

Links can be created by ingeminating similar descriptive words between sentences. They are not limited for use in only a single paragraph. Nonetheless, their effectiveness depend on proper use.

To put ideas in a sequential manner

An outstanding text is characterized by a lucid flow of thoughts and facts. This should be brought out in acquit through the use of such articulates such as first, second, third, finally, subsequently, in conclusion and following among others.