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Who Can Help Me Write A Descriptive Essay

When writing a descriptive essay you have to describe something to the audience. You might describe:

  • - A person
  • - An experience
  • - An emotion
  • - A situation

This particular genre of writing encourages students to think more creatively about an experience. It also allows for more artistic freedom. And of course things won’t be perfect the first time around but thankfully practice does make perfect and students can learn to improve their descriptive essay writing with increased practice.

So if you are tasked with a descriptive paper there are some tips you can follow listed below:

  • Tip: Take some time and brainstorm

  • Brainstorming if an effective tool for those who are about to start any assignment. No matter the type of writing you need to do you can clear your mind and find clarity with brainstorming. The brain is a magnificent organ but it can only hold on to an average of seven thoughts consciously and at the same time. That means if you are trying to think of a topic for your paper and you are instead focusing on your little’s brother and your chores and the sports event this afternoon and four other things then you will struggle to move those thoughts aside and find some inspiration. Thankfully with brainstorming and free writing exercises you can get all of your thoughts out onto the paper and sift through them for the best essay-related thoughts.

    When you start this exercise you should think of things like your favorite food or your favorite store. When you have a favorite in mind start describing it. If you picked pizza as your favorite food then try and jot down some descriptions of the pizza. Use all five senses in doing so. Think about the ingredients and the taste.

  • Tip: Use concise language

  • When you are writing a descriptive essay you should be careful with each and every word that you choose. Make sure the words are relevant to your paper and to your intended description.

  • Tip: Be vivid

  • You want to use vivid language. Your words should paint a picture in the mind of the reader that is vivid and visceral. You want to choose words that will cultivate a firmer image in your reader’s mind. Do not pick a word that is convoluted or may have multiple meanings because then different readers will get a different image. Pick the most powerful one and stick with it.