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Mental Health Illness

Should health insurance plans be required to provide coverage for mental health conditions at the same level as all other medical conditions?

Yes, the health insurance plans be required to provide coverage for mental health conditions at the same level as all other medical conditions. This way a financial support can be given to the people and their respective families. Moreover the MHPA or the Mental Health Parity Act in the United States of America also confirms that the group insurance will ensure an annual and limited amount as mental health benefit to the policy holder. This act will help as assistance to provide medical and financial aid to the sufferer and their respective families. Furthermore the Affordable Health Care Act in the United Kingdom directs the health plans to contribute to the preventive services even for the mental illness which includes medical assistance for depression, early diagnosis of children and adults at zero cost etc. This way the sufferer and the families get support right from the early stage of mental disability development. Along with that proper medical attention followed by diagnosis and medication is given to the sufferer supported under health insurance schemes.

Companies hesitate in making health insurance especially for the people with background of mental disability in their families. This is due to reason that the disease will increase with time and the expenditures associated is also bound to increase. Therefore the health insurance of the person with family background of mental disability is avoided. Therefore parity has been developed in mental health insurance in various countries in Europe which has made arrangements since 1990’s for free medical checkup, diagnosis and treatment of the mental disease. This helps the patients of mental disability to get a sound medical attention throughout their life time. State laws also has been developed for mandating and regulating various laws so that proper coverage and extra medical attention can be given to the patients of mental disability.

Thus the health insurance plan is required to provide coverage for mental health conditions not only as per the need but also as per the state regulations. This helps the patient suffering from mental disability to get proper medical attention right from the initial stage. Although expenditures in mental disability are bound to rise and exist throughout life time, it becomes part of the ethical and moral responsibility of the insurance companies to support the people suffering from this problem. State government should also continue to reform regulations to ensure the care and financial help assistance to the people suffering from mental disability.