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Tourism In France


France is the most visited country in the world and is the key attraction for the foreign tourists. The main importance of tourism in France lies in the landscape beauty, great natural sites diversity and the French cultural heritage which includes historical monuments, museums and much more. France has been ranked the third country after Spain and United States, which has the biggest revenue in terms of tourism. The official resources recorded 81.4 million foreign tourists, where France is quite ahead from United States which has 62.7 million. Since 1990, France has always been a favorite destination. The most popular valley which is known as Châteaux of the Loire Valley, the wonderful creeks which is Calanques of Marseille-Cassis and the Pilat Dune are the most appealing and fascinating for tourists from around the world.

Tourism in France:

France is a well developed and established country having tourism of around 80% which has brought the large economy profit. In 2005, the tourism consumption was about 108.11 billion Euros. The most famous tourism activities are caravans and camping in rural areas where foreign tourists specially from United Kingdom likes to visit these places during summer. Year 2013 was recorded as a good year for French tourism and travel. The assets such as diverse number of landscapes are the main attractions for international tourist. In 2013 France was the leading destination in the world, receiving around 85 million inbound arrivals. The spending in tourism, both domestic and incoming played a vital role in economic activity with a contribution of total 7% in the GDP.

In the first half of 2013, there was a decline in the count of French people who went for the holidays. Due to which the burden of local consumer’s purchasing power sacrificed in order to keep their budget to fulfill their desired leisure. At the same time, the number of trips and the sales from the tourists made a remarkable growth in 2013. Specially the growing number of tourists from Italy, Belgium, Germany and primarily the wide number of inbound arrivals who are visiting from other countries such as China and Brazil who supported in development of France economy.


France is undoubtedly one of the earliest countries who attracted the tourism and became one of the famous destination in the world. France has various natural resources for different activities of tourism. Russian tourists discover Paris the most attractive, in their opinion France is a destination in which they affiliate themselves with wines, perfumes, romanticism. One should visit France at least once in their lifetime. In historical and cultural terms, France is the most appealing destination among the challenging destinations of Europe and that’s the thing which makes France different from other countries for a better tourists place.