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Writing an essay: choosing the right format:

How to choose what process to follow:

When it comes to writing an essay there are a lot of different ways that you can write it. Figuring out how to write the essay usually depends on what the topic is that you have to write about. Another factor that plays a role in deciding how to write the essay is how long you have to write the essay and how long the essay has to be.

Deciding how to craft your best essay:

No matter what the topic of the essay is you need to always start the process of writing and essay by doing some brainstorming; Doing this can provide a good place for you to start. After you are done doing some brainstorming you need to write your first draft, this is where you create an outline of what you want to include in your essay and mention what you have to back it up from what you found while doing research.

Next you need to be sure your essay is made up of three main sections, there needs to be an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Within each section you need to be specific with what you plan on discussing in the essay. It is a good thing to get someone else to read your paper after you are done with the first draft, have someone help you find any mistakes or errors and then fix them. The updated version is the second draft and it is also known as the final copy, this is the essay you will turn in.

Just keep in mind that your essay needs to meet the length requirement, it needs to accurately discuss the topic and provide information to back up the points that are mentioned. On average an essay consists of five different paragraphs. These five different paragraphs include:

  •  Introduction – paragraph one
  •   Body paragraph one – paragraph two
  •   Body paragraph two – paragraph three
  •  Body paragraph three – paragraph four
  •  Introduction – paragraph five

Describing the paragraphs:

The introduction is where you mention what the essay is going to be about and the points you are going to discuss within the essay. The following paragraphs known as the body paragraphs are where you go into detail about each individual point you are going to discuss about in your essay. The last paragraph is the conclusion paragraph where you end your essay, summarize your points and reiterate the topic.