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Easy tutorial to help you write an essay

Essays are like people in that the come in all different shapes and sizes and can be described in many different ways. Your essay is as unique as you are and will reflect your understanding of the subject matter you intend to address. If this frightens you, you’re in luck. The following tutorial will give you all the tips you need to write a stellar essay.

Shut off all distractions

This sounds so very simple until you do a proper tally of all the ways you can be distracted. Shut off all your devices and put a “Do not disturb” sign on your door if you must. Just make sure to create an atmosphere conducive to writing and getting into the zone.

Look at your instructions

Not every essay will be a free-form affair in which your imagination gets to run wild and completely unfettered. Sometimes your work will be graded and if you don’t follow the given instructions, your marks will be abysmal. Make sure you know the type of essay you must do and the topics you have to choose from.

Brainstorm a topic

If you have no limits on topics, take time to brainstorm topics carefully. Make sure that your selection can be backed up by solid proof so that your essay becomes more convincing.

Create an essay outline

Based on the topic you have chosen, you should be able to construct a skeletal outline of the essay you will be writing.

Fill in the details

Add in evidence and fill in the rest of the essay completely. This requires you to elaborate on everything previously summarized.

Proofread and Edit

Run all of your work through spell checking software and then check for errors manually. During your manual check you should also look for ways in which you can improve your style.

Bonus: Ask someone else to proofread and edit

Your essay is your baby and you may see it as perfect but with the help of another proofreader/editor you may discover that a few errors remain. If you have access to this assistance, use it.

These steps are easy to follow and require hardly any will power at all for the average adult. You can practice them a few times without deadlines or marks at stake to get the hang of it but they easily become part of your writing routine.