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What Are The Most Interesting Topics For Satire Essays

Satire essays are essays that focus on controversial topics, wherein your job is to persuade your reader to agree with your point of view. But the satire essay is unique because it is written in a sarcastic manner, in order to point out the flaws that exist in the opposition or mock the opposition.

If you are looking for a potential topic, consider the following:

  • Politics often make for great satire essays. Consider shows such as “The Colbert Report” which is a satirical show all about politics.
  • You can also write about social issues like poverty, gay marriage, or abortion. These are a great place to start when looking for topics. If, for example, your goal is convince reader that gay marriage should be illegal, you can write it sarcastically from the point of view of a person who wants to allow anyone to marry any animal or tree or inanimate object they want. On the other hand, you can write a mock paper that mentions the high divorce rate as a reason for banning all marriage.
  • Current events make for a great topic too. You can mock local news or celebrity scandals.

When picking a topic for this style of paper, try and find something that is also exaggerated, ridiculous, or iron. This will make it easier for you to bring out the absurd nature of your topic. Look over satirical sites or watch a satirical show to get good examples and see how stories are crafted for the audience. You can pick up tips and tricks for your final paper.

Hyperbole is a good tool for writing this style of essay. This is where you exaggerate facts or information. You still need facts, but you should creatively highlight the manner in which the facts you are presenting are absurd. It is good to shoot for incorporating humor in this style of essay. Unlike other essays, you want to be able to point out how ridiculous certain elements within your topic might be. In these cases, people often respond faster to humor, if you can use it well. Please note though, that not all satirical essays need to be funny.

You can use irony as a method for presenting your ideas. The use of irony is where you use phrases or words that express the opposite of what you mean. You can use irony to express where an incongruity exists between what occurs versus what someone expected to occur.