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A good and original list with descriptive essay topics

Descriptive Essays

When it comes to descriptive essays, many people come up short when thinking of topics.  The good news is that these topics can come from literally anywhere.  These topics can be items, people, and even ideas.  Descriptive essays are your chance at truly branching out in the creative writing field since these essays can be based heavily on opinion rather than fact.  Once an idea is decided upon, the writing process becomes much easier.  Examples in each of the topic areas will be listed below, along with some examples that would not be appropriate.

Item Topics

This category is probably the easiest to write about since you can have the actual item physically present.  So, it may not be the best idea to pick an item that you cannot have at your disposal, such as the Declaration of Independence, in which you have to rely on others to get a full description.  Item topics can include:

  1. Your favorite blanket
  2. A sports memento
  3. A brick

People Topics

This area can speak for itself, however it would be wise not to choose someone that you will never see in real life.  For example, Abraham Lincoln would not be a good choice, but a picture of him will certainly do.  Perhaps the best part of this category is that you do not have to know the person in order to write about them.  You could write about the man in line before you at your favorite take-out place or the woman who always walks her dog at the park around noon.  Other topics would be:

  1. Your mother or father
  2. A teacher
  3. Your best friend

Idea Topics

Ideas can be tricky to write about since topics in this area have the potential to be less fact-based.  However, it does not take much to turn an idea into something more tangible if you put the right spin on it.  For instance, love may seem like just an idea or feeling, but there is so much more to it than that.  Chemicals inside the brain are suddenly being released, and the release of those chemicals is what we determine to be our idea of love.  Topics that fall under this category can include:

  1. Societal mores or norms
  2. Violence
  3. Dreams

Descriptive Essays Continued

Once having chosen a topic, the next step is to identify all of the things that you know about that specific topic.  After every detail is listed, it may be helpful to group these details to better form your thesis statement.  Lastly, forming the thesis statement will ultimately help guide you in writing your descriptive essay.  Every topic listed above is fairly easy to write about, and some do not require a lot of research in order to finish the assignment.  Descriptive essays are easy once you understand how to approach them!