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The Best Essay Writing Tips For Newbies

If you are new to writing essays it can be overwhelming to even start to write one.  But writing an essay is actually not that difficult, these tips are an easy way for you start and finish your essay in no time.

Tips On How To Write An Essay

  • First you want to pick your topic, this is sometimes assigned to you but some teachers will let you pick your topic.  Topics usually start out as a board topic but with research you can narrow that down to a specific part of the topic, which will give you a better topic.
  • Start your research and narrow down your topic.  Take good notes when you research and keep track of all the resources that you are using.
  • Now you can create an outline, the outline will make it easier to write your essay because then you will have all of the information on the topic right in front of you.
  • How to write your thesis statement.  Think about the main idea of your essay, take that idea and create a thesis statement.  You can do this by thinking about a question about the main topic that you want to answer, that question is what you can use for your thesis statement.
  • Some people like to write their essay in order but others find it easier to write the body first and then the introduction and conclusion.  You can do it both ways the first time and see which one works better for you.  It’s all up to the write in how they put the essay together.
  • After you have wrote your entire essay, now you have to put the finishing touches on it.  Edit and proofread it, make sure all of your sentences make sense and that you didn’t leave out important information on the topic.
  • Paragraphs should be three to five sentences long. The average essay is usually about five paragraphs long, one for the intro, three for the body, and one for the conclusion.  This can vary though depending on the work count of your essay.   

Essays aren’t hard to write but if it is your first one it can be scary.  Don’t worry too much because each essay you write is a learning experience on what not to do next time you write an essay.  These tips should help you if you are just write your first or even if you have written twenty of them.