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How to write a catchy descriptive essay introduction

Writing an interesting and catchy introduction to a descriptive essay needs attention, to the topic and organization of the essay. The introduction of the essay has to grab the attention of the reader and describe the contents of the essay clearly so that reading the few starting lines itself will provide the reader an idea about what the article is going to be. Descriptive essays are usually written to provide readers the idea to visually recognize the intentions of the writer. These essays will describe people, time and emotions. To create compelling introductions for the descriptive essay use a writing format to develop ideas. A catchy introduction has to clearly state what the essay is about. A proper beginning will let the reader know what to expect. The following are some suggestions to make a catchy beginning to your descriptive essay.

  • Use a pyramid system
  • Start by describing the picture of the essay and then progressively narrow it down to the topic of the article. Try to answer questions or create new ones which will be answered in the main body of the article.

  • Brief outline
  • Ensure that the story relates to the main topic of the article. Narratives will ensure that the reader will continue to read the rest of the article.

  • Descriptive Statement
  • Descriptive statements will hook your reader to the essay, as these will provide them a feel for a place or a person and it will cause an intrigue which will drive them to read the rest of the essay.

  • Questions
  • Write a catchy introduction by starting with a question which is related to the article body. This is a great way to grab the attention of the reader. The question must then pursue the topic through the rest of the essay. This question has to relate to the main theme of the essay which will answer it directly or lead to an answer eventually.

An important requirement for writing a catchy introduction to a descriptive essay is vocabulary; good descriptive phrases which can get the readers hooked. The readers must not use guesswork to get the sense of the topic of the essay. Provide a clear picture to the reader. At the end it has to ensure that the writing reflects the real meaning of the essay. The opening sentence of the essay plays a vital role as it is the first thing people will read and so it needs special attention.