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How to write an essay using an example

Essay writing in modern times have become a tough challenge for the students. Students usually struggle writing a quality essay on their own. It is because their school, college or university has so many requirements and guidelines which they are bound to follow or otherwise they may lose marks. It is for this reason that students seek help in their essay writing from a number of sources. Internet in this regard is the best medium where students can easily find so many essay writing tips, examples and sample essays as well.

Tips to consider while writing an essay using an example:

The following is a list of some of the tips which can be very beneficial for the students who are looking to write an essay while using an example:

  • Research the topic- Once you are sure that which topic you are going to write on an essay, then research well about it. Find all the sources related to the topic over the web. Through all the sources, take detailed notes and also keep track of all the sources from where you are accumulating the facts and figures. You may be asked to give references of the facts that you provided in your essay.
  • Analyze the relevant example essays – You will find several example essays on the topic that you are researching especially if you have chosen a very common topic. When you come across a well written essay on the web then analyze it while seeing the essay structure, its different sections, the writing style and specially the beginning and conclusion of the essay. The flow of the essay and the link between different paragraphs is also critically important.
  • Brainstorming your own idea – Use the example essay just for reference and getting the right idea. You should essentially brainstorm on your own and generate your own ideas. You can refer to 4 – 5 well written essay examples and then develop your own idea and scheme that how can you write a unique essay while referring to a number of well written essays.
  • Refer again after writing your first draft – After you have written an outline or the first draft of your essay, refer again to the well written essay examples which you collected from the web. Make sure that your one is the best among all the example essays.