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Who Can Provide Me With an Example of a Good Essay

When looking for extra help when learning a new skill it can be very helpful to learn by example. Getting help from those who are more knowledgeable is a great resource because experts can provide seasoned advice. When it comes to essay writing, consulting some example essays can a be the best way to best understand the essay writing process. When looking for examples of good essays, some of the best sources include: professors, libraries, search engines and peers.

  • Professors
  • When looking for a helpful sample essay, the best source to consult first is your professor. Sometimes your professor may have sample essays on file they are willing to share. There is no harm in reaching out to a professor to see if they can provide this additional assistance. Additionally, the examples your professor provides are the best possible essays to learn from because you will know exactly what your professor is looking for in an essay.

  • Libraries
  • After consulting your professor, libraries can be useful for finding essay examples. Visit your local library or the library at your school for this extra help. Speak with your librarian or the help desk, and they can assist you in locating sample essays. Make sure to come prepared with a topic. If you tell the library staff what you would like to write about, they will be able to better aid you in finding helpful examples of good essays.

  • Search Engines
  • Another amazing sources for locating good essay example is a simple search engine. By logging on to the Internet and performing a search with your topic and other keywords like “example”, “essay”, “good”, etc.—you will find lots of help. Some of the examples will be free, and others will be paid. Do some digging around the Internet, and read as many examples as possible. Getting a wide variety of example essays under your belt will better prepare you for writing your own essays.

  • Peers
  • One more resource we think is great for finding your sample essays is your peers. Collaborate with your peers and compare/contrast your graded essays. By viewing someone’s graded essay you will be able to see the successes and downfalls of an essay. Some students may not feel comfortable sharing your work, but if you agree to do the same for them, this essay sharing set-up can be mutually beneficial.