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Where To Find An Appropriate Example Of A Role Model Essay

From the beginning of our lives, we keep getting informed about luminaries in various fields. From freedom fighters to eminent politicians; from scientists to sportsmen; from celebrities to social activists, there are plenty of role models in all avenues.

Finding role models

Therefore, finding a role model essay topic cannot be too cumbersome. You just have to delve into inspirations in your life as also the general inspirations in people’s life. Look for the traits which make you feel in the goodness of life and labor. Yet, if you find difficulty, you should look into following spaces for resources

  • Your home – Your mother, father or elder brother/sister are your premier role models in life on whose patterns you base yourself. Think about the one among them has been the most influential in carving you as a person. The essay topic will float naturally.
  • Your teacher – A person remains a student for 15 years in general. During this period, you interact with several teachers but a few of them stand out because of their discipline, clarity in teaching and motivational value. Base your role model essay on him/her.
  • A beacon in your line – A promising athlete may see a role model in Carl Lewis or Usain Bolt. A wannabe scientist usually sees inspiration in Madame Curie or Albert Einstein. A social activist aspirant reveres Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Look for role models in the vocation or profession you are going to choose.
  • Luminaries – There have been monumental Presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. There have been great freedom fighters such as Nelson Mandela and Bhagat Singh. There have been trend-setters like Newton and Thomas Alva Edison. Think of the luminaries as role models in your essay.
  • Selfless activists – The honest bureaucrat, relentless sweeper; selfless social worker; they may exist in your society and may have inspired you with their deeds. Placing them as role models in your essay would be on the mark.

Here are 10 role model essays for your purview –

  1. Your parents as a role model
  2. Frank Sinatra – A role model for future Casanovas and style guys
  3. The ease and flair of John F. Kennedy – A role model
  4. Finding role models in common men
  5. The best teacher you had in life
  6. The luminaries which changed the world
  7. Christopher Columbus – A case of unique daring
  8. Romeo and Juliet – A pinnacle of love
  9. Picasso – A trend-setter in Modern painting
  10. The life and times of Stephen Hawking