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A List Of The Most Popular American History Essay Topics

Whether you wish to base your American history essay in 1490s or the 1600s, there will always be an abundance of popular topics for you to write on. Even though some of the history of America has continued to be under debate, there are many facts that you can gather to make your point through your history academic paper. In order to get your facts straight, it is always important to concentrate on a given era and since just one fact might not make much difference in the content of your paper, it is advisable to gather as much facts as possible. In order for you to have a clear window into the past, you should be prepared to carry out adequate research on a chosen topic.

Talking about topics, if you are yet to choose one for your American history essay, here are some of the most popular topics among history students. They are as follows:

  • Christopher – A look at his relationship with the Red Indians
  • United States of American – An analysis of the prehistory phase
  • An analysis of America in the pre-colonial era
  • French settlement in America – Where and when
  • Are the Red Indians the rightful Americans?
  • The gulf war – A critical look at the revolution
  • George Washington – Facts and myths
  • The fight for America’s freedom – What are the facts?
  • The state of Massachusetts – A look at the conflicts
  • A critical analysis of the first president of the US versus the incumbent president
  • A look at the facts surrounding the Stamp Act 1765
  • America’s constitution – A different perspective
  • Facts surrounding the peace treaty of United States of America
  • USA and Canada – Understanding the history of their relationship
  • British colonies in the US – What history shows
  • A deeper look at congress and its formation

These are some of the most popular topics when it comes to American history. With a particular topic chosen for your history essay, the next step would be to gather as much information as possible. This should only be done through reputable sources, whether you are researching online or offline. The main reason for this being that you need to get your dates and statistics in order for your paper to be authoritative else, you might end up achieve low scores or none at all. There are lots of educational history websites, books, and papers that would give you better insights into the topic you are getting ready to work on.