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The Best Essay Writing Prompts On Beowulf: 22 Great Questions

Students are sometimes are required to read literary pieces and then do a critical analysis of the same through writing. While this is arguably one of the easiest forms of writing, there are students who find it difficult to analyze and provide their views on a poem like Beowulf. Being one of the oldest surviving poetry works in Old English literature, Beowulf, who is the hero alliteratively described in a poem whose lines go beyond three thousand; remains one of the most admired epic literary minds. However, the actual writer of Beowulf poem is not known. At some point in time, the poem got damaged by fire but the surviving pieces still make sense in every way. A student of literary should therefore make an attempt of laying a hand on the poem for direct knowledge on how an epic poem looks like and particularly one which talks about some hero is a very alliterative way. These aside, how can one come up with great essay questions on the poem Beowulf? A lot has been written and discussed regarding the epic poem and on this premise, any student should with ease, approach the poem with ease.

Well, if you take your time looking for some great essay questions on the poem, you will certainly land hundreds. The question is; are all ideal or do they meet the definition of a good topic? Online and in your college library archives, you will hardly lack viable questions but again, to narrow down your search to a specific place, this post lists some great writing prompts on Beowulf to consider.

  • Essay writing prompts help one come up with ideal topics and even ideas for the prose or body part of a write up. In the poem, Beowulf at some point attacks a dragon and in this case, a prompt for writing can be based on violence. Does Beowulf likes or dislikes violence?
  • Personification of Beowulf is another area which one can formulate writing prompt from. Is he monstrous or calm? There are many more to think about regarding the use of personification in the poem
  • The place of fate as depicted in Beowulf poem in modern society. Is fate an imagination of the mind or is it real and can always come to pass?
  • Heroism as depicted in the poem. Relate the same with modern poems of the same genre.