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The Dangers Of Mass Produced Food

The survival of a human being depends on access to certain things in adequate quantities. Shelter is needed such that the elements are not allowed to harm the body by causing illness. Enough clothing is required to maintain a comfortable body temperature. The air available must contain the right amount of oxygen. Water must be drunk but not to excess and it should be free of deadly contaminants. Finally, food must be consumed in the right quantities and should impart a certain balance of vitamins, minerals, fats and protein. Ancient civilizations were much more connected to these problems. They often farmed their own food and prepared it themselves for the table. In modern times it has become common to purchase food from thousands of miles away that has been produced in enormous batches for sale. This essay looks into the dangers of using this type of mass production to create items meant to be eaten.

High levels of Additives

Mass production means that huge quantities of the item, in this case an edible one, are produced all at once. By nature the things we eat are capable of spoiling. You can witness this process yourself if you put a tiny cube of organic cheese on a kitchen counter and leave it for a few days. You may first notice that it oozes a few of its natural oils if you live in a warm climate. Regardless, in a few days it will develop a fuzzy mold. If you were to do the same thing with prepackaged ‘American slices’ you will notice that no matter how much heat you subject it to, it will not melt. The next thing you notice may be that it gets no mold. This means that it is offensive to other organisms. Similarly, in an attempt to make up for the loss of flavor that occurs naturally when a product stays on the shelf for a very long time, it may contain artificial flavors which are known carcinogens.

Unsanitary Preparation

This is just as big of a problem. When you prepare edible products in factories that are not regularly cleaned and inspected it is easy for pathogens to enter the mix. There is even an acceptable quantity of insect organs that can make its way into food that is legal.

The mass production of food is necessary to our current systems. We can only counter it by cooking more.