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Decent Advice On How To Create An Opinion Essay About Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is an English counterpart to immortal lovers in other civilizations. Interestingly, while lovers like Laila-Majnu and Heer-Ranjha may or may not have actually existed; Romeo and Juliet is surely nothing more but an extension of Shakespeare’s creativity.

A deep story

It is a deep-seated story, which binges on unhappiness (although it seems a happy ending when we see it from the perspective of lovers who die together and wallow in eternity). The story has influenced many movies in Hollywood and other cinematic industries.

When you are asked to write an opinion essay on Romeo and Juliet, you find sensational strands mixing with the mundane ones. You feel it as absurd that Romeo (or was it Juliet!) couldn’t wait for a few extra hours to see the other rise. His belief should have been complete in love.

  • You feel it as incredible how lovers could emerge out of enmity and class distinction in Elizabeth era. You also tend to believe in the capacity of love; a transcendental emotion that dominates all other expressions in life.
  • You can also comment on the way Shakespeare has woven the plot; in his inimitable style. The characters breathe and sigh through his majestic pen and the style evokes passion in you; or at least most of you to love your other halves with greater intensity.
  • You can also streamline on the stereotypical setting of the story, bound by the limitation of the era’s thinking. The Capulet-Montague rivalry is something Shakespeare could have improved on.
  • You may settle around a few pertinent questions. Are they a boon to the society or should the breed be banished? Is love of this order existential or fanciful? Can people go to such extents to achieve their love or lovers? They say that everyone should love once in life; it makes him/her a better person.

The other way round

We all live in a world replete with angst, anguish and hatred. This story comes as a fresh breeze, a dissertation on our style of living. Are we treading the right path? Do we even pause to listen to the faint swoon of the first rains; or the tunes of the flowing stream? There is so much magic waiting for us out there.

Write your opinion essay on Romeo and Juliet in such a way that it evokes energy and passion; not sympathy and pathos. Love is a stream of light; when you consider a room full of darkness, you mean lust, not love. Feel!